9/13/1950-Jake LaMotta vs Laurent Dauthuille II

Fight ain’t over until the bell rings

Jake LaMotta and French contender Laurent Dauthuille fought once before in 1949. Dauthuille outboxed and countered his way to a unanimous decision victory. Dauthuille won his next six of seven fights before the rematch. LaMotta won eight of nine while also winning the World Middleweight Championship. Will it be revenge or repeat?

Dauthuille came in strategically just like the first fight. He countered most of LaMotta’s wild hooks throughout most of the fight. All three judges had Dauthuille up going into the later rounds. As usual, LaMotta started to land more in the later rounds, causing damage to the challenger. Still ahead on the scorecards into the final round, Dauthuille needed to box smartly to cruise for the win. However, LaMotta landed a flurry of punches in the last round. Dauthuille bounced on the ropes and rotated before eating a series of hooks from LaMotta. Dauthuille was counted out with 13 seconds left in the last round. LaMotta retained his World Middleweight title.

lamotta vs dauthuille
LaMotta knocks out Dauthuille with 13 seconds left in the final round. (Boxing.com)


LaMotta and Dauthuille both fought much more after this fight, but Dauthuille never fought for a title after this loss. LaMotta lost his next three fights, including the end of the Sugar Ray Robinson rivalry. This fight was named the Fight of the Year by Ring Magazine in 1950.



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