9/20/1972-Muhammad Ali vs Floyd Patterson II

Ali retires Hall of Famer

Muhammad Ali first fought Floyd Patterson in 1965, winning impressively by twelfth-round TKO. Seven years later, both fighters were on long winning streaks. Emotions ran high before the first fight to where both fighters exchanged personal insults and slurs. Ali called Patterson an “Uncle Tom” while Patterson said that a “Black Muslim” champion is a disgrace to the sport. However, this fight also became the last for Hall of Famer Floyd Patterson.

ali vs patterson 2
Ali lands powerful right on Patterson. (New York Daily News/Getty)

The fight started slowly for both fighters. Few jabs landed for Ali and a couple leaping left hooks landed for Patterson. Ali started to open up after the third round, landing more jab-right cross combos to keep Patterson at bay. Patterson started to put his punches together in the fourth and fifth rounds. He caught Ali on multiple occasions, but Ali kept landing his jab. Ali came out swinging in the sixth, opening a cut over Patterson’s right eye. Ali’s combos landed more often than not. Patterson’s eye swelled shut by the end of the seventh round. The referee called the stoppage before the eighth round. Ali beat Patterson for the second time.

Patterson retired after this fight, posting 55 wins and eight losses on 40 knockouts. However, Ali successfully defended his NABF Heavyweight title for the fourth time. Ali would continue his ascension into boxing lore and legendary status.




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