11/11/1972- Carlos Monzon vs Bennie Briscoe

Rematch between two well-respected middleweights

Carlos Monzon and Bennie Briscoe first fought in 1967. Briscoe left Argentina with a draw, a moral victory of sorts. Five years passed until they met again on this particular date. Briscoe’s reputation consisted of hard body punching and toughness. However, Monzon rode into the fight with the WBC and WBA Middleweight titles. Could Monzon retain his titles against a foe who took to the first fight to a draw?

monzon vs briscoe
Monzon dazed after a Briscoe right cross in the ninth round. (Diarioveloz)

Monzon began the fight countering reaching shots from Briscoe. Briscoe kept coming forward but kept paying the price for his aggression. Monzon’s head movement made it hard for the Philly fighter land anything significant. During the middle rounds, Monzon became comfortable throwing combos with hooks and uppercuts. Briscoe kept attempting to get inside on Monzon, but efforts were futile. However, Briscoe caught Monzon with a monstrous right cross in the ninth round. Out on his feet, Monzon draped himself over the ropes and unsuccessfully clinched with Briscoe. However, Monzon survived the round and would recuperate to finish the fight strong. Monzon retained both belts by unanimous decision.

The trajectory of both fighters’ career took opposite trends. Monzon won out the rest of his title defenses, solidifying himself as the middleweight king. Briscoe lost multiple title challenges after this loss. However, both fighters showed amazing respect for each other.





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