12/16/1995-Mike Tyson vs Buster Mathis

Tyson on the warpath after prison

tyson vs mathis
Tyson catches Mathis in the third round. (Timothy Clary/Getty)

Mike Tyson returned to boxing after spending three years in prison for a rape conviction. He scored a quick victory over Peter McNeeley in his first fight after his release. Buster Mathis, a virtually-unknown undefeated fighter, served as a sacrificial lamb for Tyson’s championship journey. The fight, originally slated for November, moved to December because of various reasons ranging from Don King’s legal troubles to Tyson’s injured thumb. However, Tyson took control in the ring and his destiny.

Mathis successfully defended himself in the first two rounds. He made himself a hard target for Tyson to hit. Round three seemed to be a Mathis success until the last minute. Tyson landed a couple powerful shots until his right uppercut put Mathis on the canvas. Mathis was unable to beat the count, and Tyson takes his second victory after prison in the third round.

After the win, Tyson progressed to a rematch against Frank Bruno for the WBC Heavyweight Championship. Tyson would easily dispatch Bruno, catapulting back to the top echelon of the heavyweight division.



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